Resort Manager – CORE Life Company

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Job title: Resort Manager – CORE Life Company

Location of Work: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Report to: CORE GeneralManager.

Company Description:

A privately owned Saudi lifestyle company with an international reach. The brand is embedded in a wider ecosystem of homegrown Saudi lifestyle brands. Currently, CORE LIFE invests in and operates a complete range of high-quality hospitality products and services, namely CORE Social Wellness Club, CORE Food and Beverage (ENCORE), CORE Residences, and CORE Adventure and Excursions. Our Vision is to be the premier luxury social wellness community in the MENA Region & Globally. With a Mission to provide unmatched luxurious and state-of-art Holistic wellness solutions and facilities to attain a focused MIND, Healthy BODY & Harmonious SOUL.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To develop and sustain operating budgets which are as accurate as possible and stay within these guidelines.
  • To guide and direct the Department Heads and any other appropriate employees in the development and execution of effective programs, like marketing, financial planning, sales, and generative clients.
  • To develop an action plan showing both structure and personal needs that will be compatible with the Resort’s growth and development
  • Reviewing financial reports to determine if costs are within budget and profit margins are adequate
  • Responsible for communicating with a variety of individuals and groups, including guests, employees, supervisors, and suppliers
  • Ensure all the necessary start-of-season paperwork as prescribed by the relevant head office departments for all Resorts are completed and submitted as per the reporting guidelines set by the head office.
  • Compile interesting and relevant information about the resort’s amenities, Gym Building, Royal Villa, Beach Club House, restaurant, and other important information
  • Review and evaluate all direct line administrative management personnel listed on the Resort’s organizational chart in accordance with Resort policies
  • Coordinate and review the completion of the annual operating budget and capital and special Repair and Maintenance Budget
  • Inspect the entire Resort on a daily basis
  • Assure that all CCR policies and procedures are followed
  • Assure that all quality, service, and controls conform to the established standards set forth by CCR and local management
  • Develop for each element of the operation, performance objectives, both short and long-range, that supports the projections for this Resort
  • Develop and sustain systems of control that enable each person to accurately measure his/her accomplishments in relation to the predetermined objectives
  • Review all prices quarterly in accordance with corporate policies
  • Establish and review with Executive Committee, procedures for fire, riot, extortion, and cash security
  • Ensure all policies and procedures relative to liaison with the landowner are adhered to ensure smooth relationships
  • Review all staff performance on a periodical basis and create Personal Improvement Plans and Personal Development Plans wherever needed
  • To recruit and develop the necessary key person as Head of the Department that can able to recruit, train, motivate and inspire the new talents and joiners.
  • Collaborate with the Human Resources Department to create a customized project based on the manpower needs
  • Conduct a quarterly review and submit proposed changes for Resort price structure, labour standards, Resort Assents Inventories and Capital Improvements
  • Analyse profit and loss statements on monthly basis and highlight major discrepancies to the attention of corporate headquarters
  • Monitor all the ordering and deliveries of supplies, ensuring that all Resort’s budgets are maintained on a weekly basis throughout the season and ensuring all stores meet the required HACCP regulations.
  • Provide accurate weekly accounts of all expenditures and sales income by the set deadline.
  • Compile and create detailed Welcome Packs for arriving guests and ensure they are delivered in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure detailed arrival, departure and pre-booked requirements information is correct and made available to relevant suppliers promptly.
  • Work effectively and in a proactive fashion with all resort staff to ensure that the targets set by senior management are exceeded; to encompass staff turnover, quality of the resort catering & housekeeping and guest service levels monitored by levels of feedback, service, and complaints/commendations; resort sales, accounts and administration to include both pre and post season.
  • Experience in all facets of public / VIP relations, defining marketing strategy/sales and corporate image.


  • Hotel Management or a master’s degree in a related field preferred
  • 10 years in Hotel Operations
  • 5 years in a similar position
  • Basic accounting principles
  • Property maintenance
  • Daily operations of the front desk
  • Reservations (CRM)
  • Yield management and problem resolution
  • Leadership talent in the property
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