Document Controller – Constrictions Company

معلومات الوظيفة

  • ايقونة
    نطاق الراتب ريال سعودي 5000+ / شهري
  • ايقونة
    فترة العمل فترة صباحية
  • ايقونة
    عدد الشواغر 1 شاغرة
  • ايقونة
    مستوي الوظيفة: إدارة
  • ايقونة
    الخبرة الوظيفية من 1 - 2 سنة
  • ايقونة
    المؤهلات الوظيفية ثانوية عامة

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الوصف الوظيفي

Constriction Company located in Alhassa looking for Document Controller must be Saudi
Skills must have
1. Proven work experience as a Document Controller or similar role
2. Hands-on experience with MS Office and MS Excel
3. Proficient typing and editing skills
4. Data organization skills
Scope will be
· Responsible for coordinating all internal teams’ documents of the Department in order to assure that all documents are kept in the right place and in the right department file archive
· Ensure that all corporate documents are well checked and submitted on time prior to the document’s submission due date
· Copy, scan and store documents
· Check for accuracy and edit files, like contracts
· Distribute project-related copies to internal teams
· File documents in physical and digital records
· Create templates for future use
· Retrieve files as requested by employees and clients
· Manage the flow of documentation within the organization
· Make sure that all documents have no errors in file names, submissions, etc. prior to send to some departments if requested.
Assist in the preparation of procedure, system package for document controls.

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